I am Tammara Leites, an artist, developer & interaction designer experimenting with the creative use of emerging technologies.

On having a lesser impact

sustainable programming
I feel it's important to engage in sustainable practices in all our endeavours and contribute to making things better where we can. That's why, even though development and new technologies are an area of rapid growth, I try to do my best to lessen the impact of my work on the environment: I avoid collecting non-functional data in all my projects (i.e. data that is collected just for statistics), refrain from using services or libraries that are not needed, evaluate the need for real-time updates and use reasonable scheduling when necessary, avoid loading resources from remote servers, use sustainability-conscious hosting.

On this website, there are no external services called, no cookies set, no data collected, no stats generated, no embedded widgets, pages are not constantly refreshed to fetch new information, there's no API in use, and all animations are CSS. Of course, not every project allows for such a minimalistic approach, but doing our best is already better than doing nothing. If you're a developer and would like advice on how to reduce the impact of your projects, feel free to contact me :)