I am Tammara Leites, an artist, developer & interaction designer experimenting with the creative use of emerging technologies.

Selected projects

2024 - 2025

Revelation | interactive installation

Revelation is a multi-sensory, interactive installation exploring the relationship between decreasing snow levels and the emergence of people gone missing decades ago in the mountains.

Revelation. AI-generated image of a mountain landscape projected on a screen

2023 - ongoing

La machine à tubes | interactive installation

La machine à tubes, an art installation by musician My Name is Fuzzy, combines pop music and emerging technologies. It produces unique My name is Fuzzy songs for the audience.

La machine à tubes

2023 - ongoing

Human in the loop | performance

Human in the loop, by choreographer Nicole Seiler, takes a humorous, offbeat look at power relationships and questions our freedom within an oppressive, devious and often absurd structure governed by algorithms

AI-generated image of dancers in a contemporary dance piece.

2021 - ongoing

dSimon | performance

Tammara Leites trained an Artificial Intelligence to become a writer. She gave it the personality of the artist Simon Senn by integrating his personal data. But the AI soon began to behave strangely...

Simon Senn, Tammara Leites and dSimon.

2020 - 2022

NO-PHOTO GALLERY | interactive installation

NO-PHOTO GALLERY is an interactive installation that uses computer vision and image classification algorithms to explore one of the underlying layers of contemporary photography.

Visitor interacting with the NO-PHOTO GALLERY installation at Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles.

2019 - 2020

Meta stories | interactive platform

Meta stories is an interactive project, a publishing house run by bots and artificial intelligence, promoting the work of AI writers creating fictional stories from human, personal data.

Simon's interface. Screenshot.


The Reading Lantern | interactive object

Storytelling with light. The Reading Lantern is a connected lamp accompanying a book printed in special ink. When reading the story out loud, the lamp reacts by changing light colour. This, in turn, shows or hides parts of the illustrated story.

The Reading Lantern