La machine à tubes
La machine à tubes. ©My name is Fuzzy

La machine à tubes

interactive installation
La machine à tubes is an installation that combines pop music and emerging technologies. It produces unique My name is Fuzzy songs for the audience.

Bastien Bron plays with the fantasies surrounding artificial intelligence and its limits. Rather than finding out whether AI will save or destroy humanity, he prefers to test its creative potential and capacity to entertain us.

It's called la Machine à Tubes, but there's no guarantee it'll ever produce a single tune. Fed with melodies and themes composed by the artist, the AI delves into them to create new content.

The audience is invited to interact with the machine by making choices and sharing their mood to influence the generation of new songs.

Whether danceable, playful or distressing, the installation takes an ironic look at the algorithms that shape our tastes, desires and opinions. It also questions the freedom and identity of the artist in relation to his audience, and the place of artificial intelligence in art.

The machine plays with its own obsolescence, blurring the lines by combining contemporary technologies with retro-futuristic craftsmanship.
My name is Fuzzy