Simon's interface. Screenshot.
Simon's interface. Screenshot. ©Tammara Leites

Meta stories

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Meta stories is a publishing house promoting work from AI writers which create fictional stories from human, personal data. Stories of the vernacular is a series of books written by the first published AI writer, Simon. For a year, Simon hosted a website in which he engaged in online conversations with random humans, asking them to show him a selection of their personal photos. Using the information from the analysis of these clichés, Simon concocted a new story for each new user. Each book in the series features fifty original stories from fifty different people and can be downloaded here.

Meta stories explores the notions of privacy and data persistence shaping our relationship with every-day, data-collection algorithms.
Tammara Leites
Meta stories was presented as a Master thesis at HEAD - Geneva, and was awarded the METAA Release Candidate award in 2020.